Why NDA 2 easier than NDA 1?

Its not like that NDA 2 is easier than NDA 1. It totally depends on the candidate appearing in NDA exam,

So, preparation of candidate can be a factor which make NDA 2 easier than NDA 1

We mentioned 2 possible reason for that:

Why NDA 2 easier than NDA 1?

  1. In the case of NDA1 exams, usually repeaters or 12th passports appear in the exam so that they fully understand the procedure, so NDA1 exams are quite difficult.
  2. Whereas in the case of NDA2, there are many candidates appearing in 12th and they are not familiar with the whole procedure, so the exam is not that difficult (you said it is easy).

Some Frequently asked Questions About NDA

Is NDA 2 2023 tough?

According to the evaluations of the students who took this exam, this exam is easy to moderate. If we look at each doc in more detail, both the General Aptitude Test (GAT) doc and the NDA 2 2023 Mathematics doc are judged as average to difficult.

Can I clear NDA in 1 month?

This seems like a daunting task. One month is certainly not enough time for all types of students, but there are some students who can complete the exam in a month if given the right instructions and the right goals.

Why is the cutoff of NDA 2 always less than NDA 1?

This is due to the fact that NDA2 is generally harder than NDA1. We could argue that 1st year students try NDA2 and that’s why the cutoff is lower, but I have a different opinion, in my opinion the number of repeaters increases in nda2 and that’s why the paper is a bit harder.

Let me give you an example, let’s say you try it for the first time in 12th grade, in most cases the students are not done preparing until September, so this attempt fails. Then you try NDA1 again in April, all the preparation, but most students prepare for board and other competitive exams, so can’t give enough attention to this attempt. Yes, many clarified in this attempt, but do you know what percentage of people pass the exam each year. After the board, you have 3 to 4 months of rest, which is the best time to prepare for NDA or other exams that you wanted to crack but couldn’t because of the board.

So, if you come out for NDA 2 in September, you are well prepared, you get high marks, but guess what, what UPSC people already know is that this time many students will come with full preparation, So they will adjust the difficulty of the paper to be more difficult.

Most people don’t give NDA after three tries, either because they are too busy in their academic life or because they are already over the age limit, those who always manage to give more tries don’t end up with so, April The number of repeaters dropped dramatically during the trial period, and the number of 12th graders exploded. Since NDA wants to keep you as young as possible, UPSC is making the April exam easier as compared to NDA2.


I’d say that if your goal is to cut off, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to get past it. I recommend you to set a target of 20+ cutoff marks, which usually corresponds to 50+100% accuracy of the problem.

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